5 Ways A Graphic Designer Can Stay Ahead Of The Competition

Graphic Designers are the creative mind behind the visuals of a company. They are the masters of Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. But just knowing these skills will not set you apart from other designers in the Industry. There are a lot of other things that will make you a more accomplished graphic designer, and here are five of those things that you should keep in mind.

  • Develop Your Interpersonal Skill

Being a graphic designer means you will be working with a lot of people. Be it at an agency, at a company or as a freelancer, you will be communicating with a lot of people throughout each project. Having good interpersonal skills can make a big difference. Be professional and friendly, respond to your clients’ idea even if you don’t agree with them, give them a constructive reason why it wouldn’t work and propose your own idea. Let them know that you are a creative genius and they can hand over their projects to you without an ounce of doubt.

  • Focus on Time Management

There will be times when you have more than five projects in hand and three of those are due in a week, it can be a stressful time. That is why it is important to know the estimate of how long each project will take, so you can manage your time accordingly. It is also important to give your clients an update on the progress every now and then, let them know exactly how long it will take, don’t overestimate yourself and it is wise to take a few extra days if you are not sure how much of your time it will take.

  • Grow Your Creativity

A lot of Graphic Designers in the industry have the required skills but lack creativity. Creativity is hard to come by, but you can enhance it over a period of time. One of the things that can hold you back from stepping up in your career is your comfort zone. Doing the same thing on multiple projects can limit your creativity. Once you are boxed in your comfort zone, it’s very hard to get out of it. There are a lot of ways to open up your creativity, look for ways to inspire your ambition and learn new skills. You already know how to draw and sketch but haven’t done it in a while; it might be a good idea to start by going back to the basics. When you are inspired to create, you are not just making things you saw somewhere or doing a thing you’ve already done on a previous project. You can create your own designs which are far more fulfilling.

  • Keep Up With The Industry Trend

A lot of brands are now using social media to promote their brands; it is required for you to be an active member of social media. You can follow a design blog on the blogosphere for inspiration, so that you can look at graphic design projects from around the world, not only where you live. This way your vision is expanded and your creativity is fulfilled. There might be a new design software you haven’t learned yet, you could join a new class to learn something new and interact with other people with the same profession. Another way of keeping up with what is trending in graphic design is to keep your creative eye open to unexpected possibilities, you can go to the book store and look at cover designs and magazines for inspirations too.

  • Expand Your Knowledge of Design

There are many types of design jobs, understanding about the functions of other design mediums can be of an advantage to you. You might not be working for a software developer anytime soon, but knowing User Experience Design will keep you up-to-date with trends. Knowing about architecture and furniture design can be beneficial too, and you can apply those design methods and ideas in your own work. You will find no shortage of graphic design blogs online, and the internet is full of learning resources. Expose yourself to not just Graphic Designs, but all other designs in general, learn about how people design things and objects you see every day around you.

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